Rkco Groups is a service that matches companies with qualified employees. We ensure that you receive the best and most cost-effective Manpower outsourcing possible. Your employees are always the single most important asset for your business. We provide a wide array of outsourced staff to help you manage your business efficiently.

Rkco offers a vast array of  Manpower Services that allow you to leverage on the abundant human resource available out there to accommodate your business. Our support for complete healthcare is just one of many reasons why your workers stay longer with you.
Why Choose Rkco Groups?
Rkco Groups is a fast growing technology staffing agency with a variety of benefits, including:
✓ Lower prices on top talent
✓ Affordable solutions
✓ Comprehensive solutions to most staffing issues
✓ A growing network of service providers and clients
✓ Accepting all types of clients
✓ Local customer service and help
✓ Simple and easy business processes
✓ Various financing options
✓ Multi-level management
✓ Unlimited custom made solutions
✓ International capabilities
✓ Processes based on your budget
✓ Proven success and credentials
✓ Less bureaucracy and paperwork
✓ An ever-changing work environment
✓ Professional, clean and well-managed office
Phone: +91 9718800033
Address: Z-1, New Palam Vihar, Near Bajghera Chowk, Gurgaon, Haryana 122017
Website mail -: [email protected]


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