Small businesses want to provide the best service for their clients and employees alike. Good salaries and reasonable prices are just two examples. They also understand how important it is to maintain a healthy bottom line. Small businesses should invest in new technologies to achieve these objectives and to save on costs. Small businesses can benefit greatly from investing in an applicant tracking system to benefit both their clients and employees. Some of the reasons are:

You can improve your bottom line by:

Recruiters can complete the hiring process more quickly and efficiently with the help of an ATS. An applicant tracking system assists small businesses in automating recruitment tasks that previously had to be performed manually, such as entering candidate data into an Excel sheet, creating new emails for applicants during different stages of the hiring process, or finding methods of storing candidates information over time. By streamlining all of these tasks, small businesses get 40% more productive as their resources can be devoted to other aspects of their operations.

Complies with all laws and regulations:

As time goes by, small-business recruiting may generate large amounts of resumes, applications, candidate communications, and federal forms. Where will this information be stored? These hiring records are often stored locally on computer drives or filing cabinets for companies using a manual process. Recruitment compliance can be maintained with an applicant tracking system. Using the online application, businesses can access data on the end-to-end hiring process and create audit trails, as well as be compliant with EEO and OFCCP.

ATS will help you grow in the future:

Making the right decision today can pay off big in the future for small businesses. As small businesses grow and expand across different locations, using an applicant tracking system reduces the workload of recruiters, as they are already using the technology to automate their processes. A strong employer brand becomes even more crucial as hiring requirements increase. There is no doubt that companies want such hires who conform to their core business values. Employer companies should therefore leverage an applicant tracking system’s configurable, branded career portals, as well as advanced screening features. Employ a career portal that showcases your brand and values to reach out to candidates. As a result, selecting the best recruiting software for small businesses can help the businesses succeed and create beneficial opportunities for applicants, employees, and customers.

Are our applicant tracking systems beneficial for hiring the right candidates for small businesses?

By implementing a cloud-based applicant tracking system, you can increase the productivity of your team and save money throughout the general and online recruiting process. A cloud-based application that can deal with hundreds of job applications very quickly can be very useful for small businesses. It makes it unnecessary for staff to organize and file data manually.

Select the best resumes from the pile:

For a single job position, you would receive hundreds of thousands of resumes. Recruiters would have a difficult time manually selecting the best applicants. An ATS gathers and evaluates resumes automatically so companies can find the best candidates quickly. Small businesses can therefore automate the sourcing of resumes from online job boards, social media networks, and emails with a recruitment software system. Afterward, resumes are redesigned into a standard design, which allows users to search them using particular keywords and skills as filters. Also, recruiters can search for applicants based on their qualifications or close matching to the experience listed in the job description using an applicant tracking system.

Recruiting candidates faster by improving staffing workflows:

Despite the fact that many businesses believe their recruiting process is smooth. Most candidates would disagree. Many job seekers expect to hear back from their employers quickly. They tend to give up if they do not hear back from their employers within a reasonable amount of time. Your organization may overlook top talent if it doesn’t have an organized and effective staffing process. As a result, candidates have grown to consider job searching as similar to an online shopping experience. In order to obtain reliable information, they review websites such as Glassdoor and Indeed. In addition to information about the company’s hiring process, information about the workplace culture. If former applicants have a bad recruiting experience. In this case, they will undoubtedly share it in the reviews, which can deter strong candidates from applying.

Small companies can make the hiring cycle easier by centralizing critical candidate data and communication into a single profile using applicant tracking systems. This allows hiring managers to access candidate data quickly. In addition, it allows them to compare qualifications and skills side by side, as well as see interviewer responses. Small businesses can benefit from candidate tracking systems that offer collaboration tools. To effectively manage the recruiting process for different teams, you might need tools such as team scoring, visualization, and notification settings.

How to reach high-quality candidates via job boards and social media:

Dice, Monster, etc., are true. These are a few of the most popular ways to recruit candidates. Small and medium-sized businesses must post to numerous job boards. The applicants may not remember their names because they are not top-of-mind. Even though it is time-consuming to post to every job board separately, this can result in costly mistakes and a delay. Alternatively, hiring managers can utilize an ATS solution that integrates multiple job boards. 

In this way, they can post jobs to job boards and social media networks such as Facebook and LinkedIn right away. Additionally, hiring managers can discover the most qualified candidates by joining online professional and technical communities on social media networks.

What are the best times for HR to use an ATS?

It is especially important if you plan to hire new employees. The recruiting process can be more complicated than routine business tasks. Market your open positions, receive resumes and applications, and sift through them to find the best candidates. Furthermore, scheduling interviews can be a time-consuming process, leaving little time for other important tasks. Furthermore, as a small business, you might not be able to afford to hire a manager with experience. At the same time, you are looking for someone who can manage all aspects of your recruiting process at a low cost. Take advantage of the best recruiting software for small businesses to save time and money when it comes time to hire a new or additional workforce.




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