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What are the benefits of 3T MRI for diagnosing cancer?

You probably haven’t had an MRI scan, but you’ve probably seen the term on television or in your everyday life. In case you aren’t sure what it is, Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) is a type of scan that uses a powerful magnetic field and radio waves to create clear images of organs and tissues within the body. 

In addition to producing three-dimensional images, MR machines can also take several different views at the same time. MRIs are used to detect cancers in various tissues, organs, and blood vessels.

Why Doctors prefer 3Tesla MRI?

Why is 1.5T MRI different from 3T MRI? A 1.5T or 3.0T scanner is sometimes referred to as a 1.5T or 3T scanner by doctors. A tesla unit measures the strength of a magnetic field. An MRI that uses 3 Tesla magnets produces a magnetic field that is 3 Teslas, or 3 times the energy of the sun.

MRI using this technique produces more detailed images of the soft tissue and organs of the joint than other types of MRI. Medical professionals can benefit greatly from these images. These images help them find disease or injury and show the difference between normal and abnormal tissue. MRIs can be taken as many times as necessary as well.

Labs That Have 3T MRI

MRI scanners with 3Tesla power are in limited supply in hospitals. The best hospital in Islamabad is one of the best cancer centers that is offering the facility of a 3T MRI scanner. Best Cancer Hospital In Islamabad is one of the top centers that is providing diagnosis and treatment of various cancer types in Pakistan. The best cancer center in Islamabad has been recognized for its latest technological equipment, certified team of medical, surgical, and radiation oncologists.

Advantages of 3Tesla MRI Scanner:

  • 3T MRI scanners can perform imaging on the brain, skull, musculoskeletal, and small bone structures.
  • The resolution and clarity allow radiologists to certain tissues and, the musculoskeletal system to show p more clearly and in greater detail.
  • The quality of the images can be maintained in a 3T MRI system.
  • 3T MRI has a 70 cm opening which is 20% larger than older MRI machines.
  • Other MRI machines do not offer the same level of comfort as 3 Tesla scanners.
  • It lowers the risk of distorted images.

Is It Safe?

For most people, 3T MRI is completely safe. Although it does not have severe side effects, some people experience headaches and dizziness. It typically lasts a short time and is mild. 3T MRI produces a powerful magnetic field. It is important to remove any metal objects from your body such as jewelry, watches, and dentures.


3T MRIs are safe for the majority of people. Some people may experience headaches and dizziness, but there are no severe side effects. This side effect usually lasts only a short time. Magnetic fields are generated by 3T MRI. Remove any metal objects on your body, such as jewelry, watches, dentures, or watches.

Foremost, one should always live a healthy life and avoid all kinds of hazardous things that might ruin you. No one wants to end up a cancer patient, and living a healthy life is the only way to stop oneself from getting in such a situation.

Although, if such an unfortunate event does happen. One must try and consult the best oncologist available in the region. Nothing is more precious than your well-being. And thanks to the modern tech disease like cancer has a cure now. there are greater chances that one will survive even such a deadly disease.

Chemotherapy nowadays is getting cheaper due to medical companies investing more and more in chemotherapy medicine. This will give an edge and most of the cancerous cells are killed using chemotherapy. But this only happens when you have a team of oncologists helping you decide from the options to cure your cancer.

Pakistan is getting ahead in the cure of cancer. With the addition of 3T, MRI machines catching the culprit is getting easy and curing it easier.  So, get your appointments and get yourself diagnosed. It’s always good to stay ahead of such a deadly disease, after all, there is nothing precious than life.


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