Prayer Rugs

Prayer rugs

Prayer rugs or prayer mat is usually a square piece of cloth, sometimes even a double-sided pile cloth, used for Muslim worship prayer. The basic purpose of rugs or mats is to facilitate worship, prayer, adoration and relaxation. As mentioned earlier, they are use by Muslims as well as others. They are available in many sizes, shapes and designs. But the most important thing while choosing rugs or mats for worship is to choose the best quality of prayer rugs or mats that suits the religion and worship practice of the people.

Prayer rugs are also known as prayer mats and come in a wide variety of materials like silk, cotton, wool, jute, Terra cotta, wicker, bamboo, grass etc. Most prayer rugs are make of wool because wool has been found to be the most comfortable, durable and good for spiritual purposes. Jute, bamboo, grass and Terra cotta are less preferred.

Prayer rugs are usually square in shape and have two sides, with one side having a flat bottom and the other one a raise area with a hole in the middle. There are different types of prayer rugs like the traditional ones, modern ones and abstract rugs. Some have a square hole in the middle, some have a triangle one end of which is thicker than the other. Prayer Rugs

Wool prayer rugs are most famous, because they have a beautiful, rich and long feel to them. Woven from 100% pure wool, these prayer rugs are a symbol of religious devotion, comfort and ease. They are widely use in the Muslim world as well as in the Christian and Hindu religions. Worn in the houses of the worshipers, these religious symbols have great significance to them.

Muslim and Sufi mosques put these highly decorative pieces of art, known as Mughal rugs, in the front door of their mosques. The worshiper enters the mosque with the sole aim of adorning his house with such beautiful works of art. People who follow Sufi Islam believe that the ultimate goal of a human being is to please God. Thus, the use of religious symbols has great value for them.

The use of prayer rugs in Islam is mostly seen in the presence of the holy Ganesha (or Ganges). The Ganesha and his twin brother Kartik are revere for their constant effort in spreading the knowledge of God to the world. Wearing the blesse Ganesha and Kartik prayer rugs, worshipers pray to God and praise him.

Besides their worshipful purpose, Muslim and Sufi mosques also make use of these Islamic prostration. These prayer rugs are make of silk and have intricate artwork of Allah. They are adorn with bells, keys and other musical instruments, besides depicting the religious ideas and concepts. Since these products cannot be use as a weapon or anything dangerous in nature, the worshipers are make to wear them only inside the mosques.

Prayer Mats

Another good thing about these particular types of products is that many types of mihrab covers and rugs are available. For example, there are mihrab covers make from various fabrics, such as silk. There are also different styles for prayer rugs, which can have a number of different patterns, such as geometric or flowers. You can even get a flatbed version of a mihrab, if you’d prefer to sit down and study instead of standing up. The bottom line with these particular types of products is that you will have no problem finding exactly what you need for your home. Some people even choose to place their entire home’s decor into the same niche, which is a great way to get ideas and build a whole theme for your home as well.

Prayer Rugs

The use of these products in daily prayers is an essential feature of Muslim religion. Muslim religion considers it compulsory to perform the entire prayers sitting on the ground, without placing anything on the floor except for the prophet. The prophet is suppose to sit on a piece of cloth laid on the floor, with his legs crosse. With claspe hands he is suppose to utter the holy Arabic words, which are then convert into written form by using the help of mat make of silk or cotton. From here the prayer rugs are spread and a gathering of people around the prayer rugs start the entire prayer.


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