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Excel has changed throughout time, but it still accepts any type of information scattered across lines and columns. Trash management is significantly more complex than this, requiring constant monitoring of collection, storage, shipment, treatment, destination, and disposal.


Proper waste management Malaysia becoming a new concerns for Malaysian because if garbage disposal is not carried out properly, the environment will inevitably be affected.

To maximise technology, firms should streamline internal processes with specialised software. They should also avoid generic worksheets, which may momentarily fix a problem but lack the long-term support a firm requires to properly use the created information.

Gargeon is an illustration of software used for waste management Malaysia. The system manages garbage destination, waste creation, and waste shipping data online. The solution gives businesses complete control over all the data pertaining to their garbage. Without the technology, compiling reports for environmental organisations and inventory would take days.

The following are some of the advantages of investing in technology for trash management:

  • it aids in the accomplishment of the National Solid Waste Politics;
  • It makes information management and data consolidation easier while preventing errors and reworks;
  • it lessens the likelihood that the corporation would be subject to environmental obligations and taxes;
  • control and management of all licences, CADRI documents, and other documentation;
  • It enhances the development of reports and inventory;
  • creation of judicial records such as the MTR and the Emergency Form;
  • With reminders and expiration date alerts, it aids in meeting deadlines;
  • setting waste reduction objectives;
  • creation of graphs and indicators to aid in decision-making and ongoing improvement

The use of technology in trash management makes it possible to swiftly identify operations that produce huge volumes of garbage, allowing for more vigorous improvement actions, reducing waste production and shipping and disposal costs.

If you’re unsure about how technology may help your company manage the garbage, get in touch with Gargeon to learn more about their cloud waste management!

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