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There is a good chance that if you own a business, you also need employees to help you succeed. That’s when you hire people. In recruiting, you identify your workforce needs, attract candidates, schedule interviews, interview the candidates, select the right candidates for the position, hire and onboard them. 

Automated systems to track job applications have also increased due to the increased use of information technology and the continuous recruitment of a large number of employees for the newly created workforce.

The term “Applicant Tracking System” refers to automated recruitment systems. Data from job seekers is stored in the databases of companies when they fill out online application forms. Later, HR or recruitment teams sort applications based on saved information and their requirements, to select the best applicant.

From anywhere you have internet access, you can use your software

A consistent work schedule and location are critical to attracting and retaining the best talent. Whenever or wherever your prospect needs you, you need to be available. If you are using on-premises or hosted recruitment software, this can be severely limiting. You can’t access the important information you need when you’re busy working outside the office if you have an on-premise software system. Your job becomes more difficult because of this, and you risk losing talent to a competitor. You can access cloud-based recruiting software from any location in the world and use it when and where you need to.

The same content and information are available when you log into the platform from your laptop or even your smartphone. You can work more effectively wherever you are, whether you’re at home or away on business.

The benefits of using an ATS

Utilizing an ATS can help a company save money and time. Time is money, after all. Utilizing an applicant tracking system to its potential allows a company to save time they would otherwise spend manually putting in information, scanning and filtering through resumes, and corresponding with candidates. By eliminating these tasks, you reduce the need for manpower and employees. You will also reduce the overhead costs by reducing the number of employees.

When using an ATS effectively, companies can reduce employee turnover. A good ATS will allow employees to set their own filters for the information they need to provide. An employer can quickly qualify or eliminate any candidate based on education, experience, skill sets, and referrals. In the event that the best candidates are hired, turnover is reduced. There are fewer surprises after the hiring process when the employee is qualified for the job. Additionally, when companies respond to applications faster, fewer candidates will remove themselves from the running by becoming impatient. Employers seeking to hire qualified candidates quickly can really benefit from using a good quality applicant tracking system and save time and money.

The application tracking process is simplified through collaboration with social media platforms

Through social media, communities or networks exchange information through online communication channels. Considering the prevalence of social media today, it is becoming increasingly relevant in the recruitment arena. Due to the increased number of smartphone users worldwide and the growing use of mobile internet access, social networking apps that are mobile-only or mobile-first have proliferated. Also, the explosion of social media creates opportunities for recruiting and hiring. Social media has grown in popularity among organizations, which communicate with their candidates via social media. Employers can communicate with talented individuals via social media. Social media integrated with an applicant tracking system can be the key to attracting top talent. Therefore, vendors of ATS solutions and software stand to benefit from the rise of social media.

What are the advantages of ATS software?

One of the first steps to success for any enterprise is finding the right talent. Having a team adorned with skills and talents holds more value in the era of neck-to-neck competition. Despite the importance of doing so, it is equally challenging when the entire hiring process is manual. The Applicant Tracking System rescues managers from chaos.

Sourcing talent, assessing resumes, tracking interview performances, and evaluating potential growth, streamline the entire hiring process. Using data reports and analytics, the software enables companies to handle the process.

Application tracking system updated constantly with cloud-based technology

On-premise software requires a lot of effort to upgrade. Manually updating it or calling engineers to do it would cost you time and money. Some companies also fall behind on updates because they are time-consuming and thus become vulnerable. Upgrades are made much easier by the cloud. The update will occur without you knowing and will not affect your productivity or work. Patches and updates are released regularly by the vendor and are automatically applied whenever the system is idle. This way, your cloud-based applicant tracking system will always be current and you will always stay competitive.

Are you hoping it will increase the number of applications you receive?

As well as streamlining the recruitment process, an ATS should assist you in finding a large pool of highly qualified applicants for all of your openings. You should choose an applicant tracking system (ATS) that offers an excellent candidate experience, since if your system is hard to use, the number of completed applications may decline. With candidate pools decreasing, you should also look for a system that includes features such as integration with job boards to help you reach the best candidates.

Reach ATS integrates seamlessly with job boards, so you can expand your candidate pool. 

Are ATSs Effective in Increasing Talent in Your Organization?

By doing so, your jobs will be presented to the right people in the appropriate way. This will make the application process more enjoyable for your potential applicants. As a result, your pipeline of candidates is stronger, your organization has more talent, and you have talent management in place from the beginning. 

The first step can be to implement an applicant tracking system. Get your free Personio guide or whitepaper when it comes to digitalizing your HR processes or optimizing them.

Recruitment is easier with technology

The current technological revolution has benefited the recruitment industry. To streamline the way they recruit, many recruiters use modern tools and automation. In the recruitment world, for example, Artificial Intelligence is the best way to eliminate biased decisions and accelerate the recruitment process.

Posting jobs, screening CVs, and conducting video interviews are some of the processes that are automated. Automating these processes relieves recruiters of daily tasks, resulting in a more efficient recruitment process.


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