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Not everyone knows how to clean windows without streaks and stains. Window cleaning is often very demanding, due to atmospheric agents, dust present in the house or outside, and annoying handprints. For this reason, making the glass shiny, bright, and clean is often very demanding.

How to clean windows: tools and method

At home, one of the most tiring and difficult cleaning activities is cleaning the windows. On them, there are all kinds of dirt and very often they are not clean and shiny. But dull and with unsightly halos.
Due to the time, it takes to clean them, glass cleaning is often underestimated. Keeping the windows of the house always clean instead gives brightness to the house and also serenity to the environment.
We can establish how to clean the glass based on the dirt present on the surface of the glass itself. If there is dust, for example, you will have to wipe the glass with a cloth soaked in hot water with the right detergent that will help remove it before moving on to the right one. cleaning.
On the market, there are different detergents ideal for window cleaning. We recommend trying concentrated detergents, for reasons of savings and respect for the environment.
Still thinking about the environment, it must say that home remedies with alcohol, bicarbonate, etc. are often more effective, they prove to be more effective and certainly cheaper.
Another very important thing is the tool with which you go to spread the detergent. Microfibre or deerskin cloths are ideal for this type of cleaning. Newspaper, on the other hand, is widely used for final drying, because it guarantees thorough cleaning without streaks.

The glass cleaning procedure


A commercial or homemade glass cleaner
Microfiber cloth or deerskin cloth.
Daily newspaper or waste paper

Or, optional: window cleaning broom

The procedure is simple:

Spray on the surface of the glass and evenly the product we want to use
Spread the detergent evenly over the entire surface to wash
Remove the cleaner completely with a wet cloth
This phase is essential to clean the glass without streaks and stains. Use the paper to dry the surface, starting from the center and making horizontal movements outwards. Alternatively, you can use a grass broom, such as those used for car windshields.
Continue to dry with the paper on the sides, with vertical movements.
Finally, if necessary, a quick polishing can carry out through the use of ethyl alcohol and newspaper sheets, to obtain perfect glass cleaning. Always polish from top to bottom and, obviously, both from the inside and outside of the glass.

Cleaning office glass walls – Guide and practical advice

The natural light that enters through the windows on a beautiful sunny day creates a positive atmosphere in an office. But the rays that pass through them reveal all the imperfections present on them.
Dust, stains, halos, dirt, smog are highlighted by the direct light beam that hits the transparent surfaces, which is why cleaning the glass walls of the office is essential.
Keep reading this short guide full of practical tips if you want to understand how to perfectly clean the interior and exterior windows of your office.

The first step to cleaning the windows of the office

The first thing to do to get perfectly transparent and immaculate glass window cleaning and partitions are to remove the most obvious dirt.
It is necessary to remove dust and larger residues (for example cobwebs, small insects, crumbs) before applying products or cleaning with water. So as not to create dirty liquids that drip on the wall, on the floor, on the window.
A vacuum cleaner and a dust-catching cloth are essential in this phase to obtain a preliminary result for the subsequent cleansing.
If you don’t have these cleaning tools, you can dampen a common cloth, being careful not to wet it too much, which will help remove surface dirt and dust.

Washing of glass walls and interior glass

In offices, glass is a very present material, not only in the windows that give outwards. But also in the internal walls that divide the spaces, in the doors that give on the balconies, in the panoramic elevators.
All these transparent surfaces must wash with detergents suitable for the type of dirt to remove.
If the stains are few and not too stubborn, just use warm water and soap applying the mixture with a cloth or a non-abrasive sponge, then rinse with another clean cloth soaked in water only.
Drying must be done with care and precision, do not think about letting the air or the heat of the environment do this, using a dry microfibre cloth.
If the dirt on the glass is more stubborn or when its nature is not understood, it is better to use specific products ready to vaporize on the surfaces. Once applied evenly and left to act, they must be removed with a cloth.
If you find drips of paint or other substances that are very difficult to remove, it is necessary to use more aggressive products. But it is better to ask for the intervention of an expert in the sector so as not to damage the glass.

Exterior window cleaning safely

If the external window cleaning of the office is easily accessible by standing with your feet on the ground or with the aid of a ladder, it can wash following the procedures described above for the glass present inside the work environments.
Often they become useful tools for window cleaning with extensions, for example, telescopic squeegees.
The work is completely different when the windows are not easily accessible due to the height and, therefore, you would have to lean out of the windows to clean them. Just imagine a building with huge windows placed on the floors above the first to understand how difficult and risky washing can become.
The best thing to do in this case, but even if you don’t want to engage in the brigand work of cleaning the internal windows, is to ask for the intervention of a cleaning company.
Specialized operators such as Martinez Cleaning always know how to intervene effectively to clean every glass wall in the office in the best way and without any risk.


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