Wholesale car air purifier purifies the air in your automobile, offering you more enjoyable driving experience. Have you ever had an unpleasant smell in your home? While smelling bad, how to clean it?


Portable Mini Air Purifier Car
Portable Mini Air Purifier Car
Musty Smell

The house is damp. The trunk, closet, and drawer often emit a musty smell. Then you can go to a musty place. Put a bar of soap, the musty smell is removed. You can also put the dried tea residues into gauze bags and distribute them everywhere. While removing the musty smell, it also exudes the fragrance of tea leaves

Cigarette Smell

The result of indoor smoking is smog. And the pungent smoke smell lingers and is detrimental to health. If you have similar troubles, waving or lighting candles indoors with vinegar-dipped gauze,

smoke smell can be eliminated. Portable car air purifier mini installs HEPA filter. It filters cigarette smell effectively and strongly.

Paint Smell

Freshly painted walls during renovation or newly bought furniture will have a strong smell of paint. You only need to keep two basins of cold salt water indoors. The lacquer smell goes away in a day or two. You can also soak the onion in a bowl. If there is a fishy smell in the wok. Put some used tea leaves and then cover the pot. Use the residual temperature of the pot to force out the aroma of the tea leaves

Fishy Smell

There is detergent refrigerator smell. If the odor is not too great, neutral detergents can be used (general household cleaners can be used). Clean and dry the refrigerator. Then wipe the refrigerator with alcohol and let it dry

Note: Do not wipe with iodine alcohol, it is easy to stain the refrigerator

If it tastes great, you can add tea powder, vinegar or orange peel, etc. The effect of removing odor is better!


Mini car air purifier portable
Mini car air purifier portable
Kitchen Odor

All kinds of smells in the kitchen are very strong after cooking. Put a little vinegar in the pot and heat it to evaporate. Odors are eliminated

Bathroom Smell

Although the bathroom at home is often flushed Occasionally smells Open a box of cool oil or essential oil and put it in the corner of the bathroom Both deodorant and mosquito repellent You can also place a small cup of balsamic vinegar or aromatherapy to remove the smell

The Smell of Flower Fat

Anyone who likes indoor gardening will encounter this problem. If the fermented solution is used as fertilizer emits an odor. At this time, fresh orange peel can be chopped and mixed with liquid fertilizer for watering together. The odor is eliminated immediately




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