Muslim Prayer Mat

Prayer mats and prayer rugs are very important in Islam. It is consider as one of the necessities that should be own by every Muslim. In order to perform the prayer, we have to use the prayer rugs and mats to cover our feet and sit on. This will give us enough space to stand and walk around.

Best Qaulity Prayer Mats

All Islamic prayer mats are attractive and unique. You should choose the best quality Islamic prayer rugs. There are a number of available rugs and mats, you can select according to your preference. The rugs and mats are available in different colors, designs and sizes. Let me tell you some of the most common types of rugs and mats you will come across.

The geometric patterns are highly popular among the weavers. These patterns are mostly develop by experience and talent local weavers. They are known to produce quality prayer mats and rugs with great durability and comfort. Some of the commonly found geometric patterns are the Turkish carpet, African rug, Persian carpets and Arab rug.

Ottoman prayer rugs are known for their beautiful appeal, multi-functional function and unique style. These rugs have a unique charm and elegance that can never be imitate. Ottoman prayer rugs are create using the finest quality wool materials. They look very elegant and complement well with any interior theme.

Woven cotton prayer mats and carpets are also available in the market. These are cheaper prayer mats and rugs.  They have an ancient aura which can never be imitate. They make a great deal of profit through selling good quality Muslim prayer rugs and mats. You can buy some really beautiful rugs from the Internet which are guarantee to give a rich quality.

Today you can find a wide range of Muslim prayer mats and rugs on the online stores. Some of the popular designs include Moroccan, Bedouin, Todra, Ansalm, Mughal, etc. There is also the European style rugs, which are available online. To buy online, just browse a little and you will come across several sites which offer really attractive designs of Muslim prayer mats and rugs.

The prayer mats and rugs are made by following certain patterns, which are very unique. These patterns are mostly drawn by the expert artists. Each of them has a unique design. In addition, the wool use to make these mats is of top grade quality. Woven Islamic prayer mat and rug are a must for every Muslim house. It is the ultimate product which can help you in providing warmth to your home.

Woven Islamic prayer mats and rugs are gaining lots of popularity in the west too. In many cities of US people are buying this product for their homes as well. People who live in the cold areas should definitely use this product to keep themselves warm. You should use qibla scarf to keep yourself warm in winters and splash mat to keep you warm in summers.

So you should always wear the prayer rugs around your neck and shoulder. You can also put it under your pillow as pillow. But you will be able to increase the effectiveness of prostration by using prayer rugs on all four corners of your home. During prayer, you have to do several movements like prostration, sitting, standing and walking. All these activities will be possible only when you put the four feet prayer mat on all four sides of your home.

You should buy prayer mats from reputed companies like Hijema mats. They offer high quality products at a reasonable rate. They ensure cleanliness at every step they take. You can even hand wash them with any mild detergent. So that they remain shining and fresh. It has an excellent antibacterial property which can prevent the growth of bacterial and fungal infections.


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