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Michael Cole and Pat McAfee welcome us to Atlanta and our go-home edition for tomorrow night’s SummerSlam. The cameras pan around the ringside area and we see lots of stereotypical “Irish pub” crap around the ring, including barrels/casks and pictures. It’s time for our contendership match! Get the WWE Rumors instantly on your mobile device.

Number One Contendership Main Event Donnybrook Match: Sheamus vs Drew McIntyre (26 minutes)

Drew McIntyre begins his entrance and is quickly ambushed by Sheamus. Sheamus brawls with him down to the ring and into it, where the ref calls for the bell. We’re reminded that the winner gets a shot at the Undisputed WWE Universal Champion in Cardiff. Sheamus takes an early lead until McIntyre shuts him down with a Spinebuster.

Sheamus eventually retrieves a shillelagh and takes a swing but misses. McIntyre gets a shillelagh but Sheamus clotheslines them both over the top rope. Both men brawl in front of the commentary table, and Drew’s quick to sling Sheamus across it, nearly catching Cole. The Atlanta crowd loudly chants “we want tables” and Drew immediately retrieves a table. The crowd goes wild!

Sheamus attacks Drew before he can get the table in the ring, however, and gets massive boos. Sheamus sends McIntyre into the steel steps shoulder-first and begins to work the hot crowd, getting great heel heat. Sheamus sends Drew back in and retrieves the table.
Sheamus sets it up ringside and enters the ring, retrieving another shillelagh from the turnbuckle area.

It turns out it’s the one that had “been passed down in Sheamus’ family for a number of generations,” according to Cole, but McIntyre cut it in two last week. Sheamus uses the shattered but whole shillelagh to pummel Drew, hitting the Ten Beats of the Bodhran…but he extends it, all the way to twenty beats, and all with the shillelagh in hand! The crowd enthusiastically counts along with his smacks.

Sheamus heads back outside and positions the table leaning against the barricade. Sheamus sets up McIntyre for a suplex through the table but McIntyre slaps on the brakes! Again, McIntyre blocks it and counters with a suplex of his own! McIntyre rallies and takes Sheamus to the other side of the ring. McIntyre bounces Sheamus’ face off the ring post and whips him into the hard apron and steel steps. McIntyre whips Sheamus into the nearby stacked barrels and we go to break!

Back from the break. We return to find Drew and Sheamus fighting over a shillelagh; Sheamus drives McIntyre into the mat and retrieves a steel chair. He uses it to smack McIntyre, twice, and wedges it in the corner.

Sheamus taunts the crowd, then taunts Drew–making sure he gets his match objectives done–and hoists McIntyre up, looking for White Noise. McIntyre fights off with elbows and sends Sheamus into the corner that had the chair.

The chair, however, had fallen out moments before Sheamus hit the ring post. McIntyre starts his comeback sequence and uses a neckbreaker to drop Sheamus, kipping-up right afterwards. WWE news are getting popular nowadays with the increasing popularity of Ewrestling website.

McIntyre exits the ring and fetches three steel chairs and throws them in the ring. He searches beneath the ring and throws in two more chairs, then another. He enters the ring and Sheamus, from a knelt position, throws one right into Drew’s face, dropping the Scottish Psychopath.


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