500 hour yoga teacher training

A yoga teacher training is not just about learning advanced yoga asanas and techniques. It is a golden opportunity for you to share the knowledge of this sacred art with others. As a yoga teacher, you are in a position to start a positive change in other people’s lives. However, for that, you need to enroll in an advanced YTT program.

If you have completed the basic yoga teacher training and want to move to the next level, enroll in the 500 hour yoga teacher training program. This training gives you in-depth knowledge of yoga including yoga Shatkarmas, Panchkosha, and Pranayama techniques among others. However, before you do that, ask yourself –

Am I Ready to Enroll in the 500 Hour Yoga Teacher Training?

One thing you need to keep in mind is that there is a vast difference between 200 and 500 hour YTT. The former is for those who are just starting out their yoga journey and the latter is for those who want to go all the way in.

In other words, commitment to completing this Yoga Alliance certification program is not a joke. You have to invest time, money, effort, and give it your all to this yoga teacher training program.

With that said, there are five questions that will help you know if you are ready to take on the advanced 500 hour YTT or need some time.

1. What Motivates You to Teach Yoga?

If it is about money, you would not last in the yoga teaching field. You should have that fire in the belly to share the knowledge of this ancient art with others.

2. What Can You Offer As a Yoga Teacher?

What is it that makes you stand out as a yoga teacher? Is it the way you help students practice yoga or the way you guide them during meditation sessions? If you want to increase knowledge of yoga including its physical as well as its mental and spiritual aspects, the 500 hour yoga teacher training is for you.

3. Why Do You Want to Teach Yoga?

Keep in mind, this one is different than what motivates you to teach yoga. It is more about the reasons for which you want to enroll in the 500 hour YTT. Do you want to be of service to others and help them lead a good life with yoga? Hop on!

4. How Do You Feel About the Students in Your Class?

Remember, becoming a yoga teacher is all about forming a mental and spiritual connection with the students in your class. If you want to help everyone live a life free of unnecessary worry and anxiety, this advanced Yoga Alliance certification is for you.

5. How Have You Evolved as a Teacher After the 200 Hour YTT?

You should take the time to reflect on what you learned during the beginner 200 hour YTT. How did it help you evolve on a mental and spiritual level? The answer will decide if signing up for the 500 hour yoga teacher training is for you or not.

Thus, these are the five questions that make it clear if the 500 hour YTT is for you or do you still need to work a little harder on yourself.

However, you still need to select the right yoga school to complete the 500 hour yoga teacher training program. Let yoga experts help you with that.

3 Things to Keep in Mind When Searching For a YTT Program

As said above, enrolling in the 500 hour yoga teacher training requires a considerable investment. The training initiates a massive change in you on a mental, physical, and emotional level. Therefore, you choose the right place to kickstart this journey.

With that said, given below are three vital factors to keep in mind when looking for a yoga teacher training program.

1. Mission & Vision

Does the yoga school’s mission and vision statement align with what you have in mind? Choose a yoga teacher training program that includes aspects of yoga which you want to learn and teach in the future.

2. The Lead Teacher

Although many yoga practitioners ignore this fact, you should not. If you want to complete this advanced Yoga Alliance certification, ask the yoga school staff questions like;

  • Who is the lead teacher?
  • How much experience they possess in teaching yoga?
  • From where did they complete their yoga training?

3. Yoga Alliance Certification

Yoga Alliance is a non-profit organization that looks into the welfare of global yoga community. To become employable as a yoga teacher, you have to enroll in a yoga school recognized by Yoga Alliance.

Make sure you ask the yoga school staff about;

  • Is their 500 hour yoga teacher training approved by Yoga Alliance?
  • What support does the yoga school offer after completion of the course?
  • Does the yoga school help with registering with Yoga Alliance after completion of the course?

Since yoga is a global phenomenon, yoga schools have cropped up in every part of the world. However, if you want to dive into the mental and physical aspects of yoga, you should go to India.

Why Choose India for Yoga Teacher Training?

This is a question asked by every yoga practitioner. India is not just a land of diversity, it is much more than mouth-watering delicacies and beautiful landscapes. India is the birthplace of yoga. Yes! This ancient art came into being 5000 years ago in India.

Taking into consideration the above statement, given below are three reasons why you should come to India to enroll in the 500 hour yoga teacher training.

1. Authentic Yoga Lessons

Whether you want to enroll in a Hatha or Vinyasa yoga class, India is where you receive authentic and complete knowledge of yoga. It is here the ancient texts on yoga were written which helped millions achieve unity of mind, body, and spirit. Therefore, coming to India would is the best decision you would make as someone who plans to become a certified yoga teacher.

2. Affordable YTT Programs

Even if you want to enroll in the advanced 500 hour yoga teacher training, India is still the best place to learn yoga. Whether you enroll in a beginner or advanced class, enrolling in both of these courses would cost you half of what you pay at a local yoga studio.

Moreover, this half cost will even take care of your lodging, traveling, and food, not to forget the yoga teacher training.

3. Learn Ayurveda

The ancient science of Ayurveda also came into being in India. Therefore, enrolling in yoga teacher training in India would give you the opportunity to learn this ancient system of natural healing too. India is the best place when it comes to learning yoga from its roots.

Thus! This is how you can find the best 500 hour yoga teacher training program.


A 500 hour yoga teacher training program offers you the opportunity of a lifetime to dive deeper into the mental and spiritual aspects of yoga. Just make sure that you enroll in this program at a certified yoga school in India to receive authentic and complete knowledge of yoga.


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