In modern times, having a good product is not enough. This is just like having products at a supermarket is not enough. In both these cases, some external help is the requirement. For this, people tend to look to answers but do not find much. A thorough study of different situations sometimes takes us very deeply. Whereas the solution lies in front of us and we do not seek it. For a long, the brands have been suffering dip and rise in their economy. They pass the burden to the customers and term it a lack of sales.

Whereas they need to understand the basics of marketing. When you produce a product to fulfill a certain requirement of the people. You need to think like a customer. You need to make a product for them, have the best quality, offer the best features, and above all, give the perfect packing. The latter seems the solution for every problem relating to sales but not many understand it. That is why the importance and requirement of Custom Boxes is the need to understand.

What is a Box?

Before looking for solutions and types, it is of utmost priority to understand what is a box. A box is a random packing product similar to paper bags and plastic shoppers. However, the similarity only lies in the packing department. Whereas, a lot differs elsewhere. The built quality and other special traits a box offers can never be matched by other packaging products. This is like a repetitive statement but only a few understand at the first attempt.

Economic Factors

If you own a brand or a manufacturing unit, you need to have a special place to produce your packaging. This is what only a few owners do. Rest make use of the purchase unit to get the boxes for packing. Though this is economical too having your unit makes it extremely cheap. The box as a unit comprises three different elements. However, all of these materials have a low cost. This makes it easier to purchase them.

Strength Factors

When you opt for a box to pack your items. You look for something more than a budget-friendly product. The prime traits a box has to offer to rely on the strength they carry. Each box carries adequate strength to hold your items in the best way. This is why boxes have much acceptance by manufacturers as it gives them peace of mind. Their products have safe storage space as well as easy transportation options. However, the strength a box has to offer depends upon the material that makes it.

Material Variation

Another special trait the boxes carry is the variation in materials they have to offer. A packing box makes use of three materials. These materials differ in strengths as well as the products they can store. Thus, when selecting a box, make sure the material respects the product you want to store. A cardboard box will hold lightweight products. Kraft boxes hold medium-weight products with perfection. Whereas corrugated boxes are ideal to hold heavy items as well as the previous ones.


These traits above are what each material carries. Boxes allow you to easily customize and modify them. Thus, you can design and stylize them to your perfection making a perfect packaging product. It is the best way to advertise and that too in a budget-friendly way.


Either you produce a box or you own a store where products come in different boxes. Your top priority is to have a place where you can hold and place the boxes. But if you have a minor space, can you stack the boxes easily? The answer is yes, this is what boxes are famous for. Their uniform square or rectangular shape makes it easy to stack them in minor spaces easily. And this is what shopkeepers love a lot about boxes.


Custom: Meaning and Utilization

The word custom will mean different in various terminologies. However, in the packaging industry, this means having something per your requirements. Thus, if you get something that looks ordinary, you can easily transform it into a fine product. In the case of boxes, it is extremely easy to customize and stylize them. That is why you will huge sales of Custom Boxes Wholesale.

·         Design

The first thing you have the power over is the design selection. You can select from a variety of designs for your box but this depends upon the product you want to store. For example, you cannot use a sliding design when packing food items. This will be uneasy and unsafe for the food and the customer.

·         Size

Some manufacturers and users get this wrong and they suffer badly. When storing items in bulk, it is necessary to adjust the size of the box. It is good to have a large box to store many products. Where people get it wrong is they use a medium or small box to pack a large number of products.

·         Additions

It is good to add some additions to your custom boxes. These can be a ribbon to carry them or to open the tray in a sliding design. One popular and common addition to a box is to add a viewing space. This allows the customers a view of the product inside the box.

·         Padding

Padding material is extremely useful when packing precious and heavy items. Precious items will require wrapping paper inside the box. Whereas heavy items such as glassware and commercial appliances will require soft cotton rolls. They will protect the items during sudden falls or dropping.

·         Partitioning

When packing food items or a variety of different items in a box. The concept of partitioning gains importance. This is a way to separate the items easily inside a single large box. You will see this method inside the boxes that contain around 20 to 24 chocolate products.

·         Material

This has to be the most important customization aspect. Having an ideal material is what only a few manufacturers and users get. But this factor is extremely important for your product. If you store a heavy product in cardboard or kraft boxes, you can face consequences.

·         Advertising

Custom Boxes with Logo sell much faster than plain ones. This is because people love to view an attractive item. A random or ordinary item will not appeal to them. Thus, it is best to make your attractive by adding advertisements. You can add your brand logo and trademarks. It is good to add product information as well its images too.


The Environment

Custom Boxes like all other packaging boxes have a lot to serve the environment. These boxes kill off the competition when it comes to packaging. Paper bags do not lie in this race because they have a lot of loopholes that do not favor modern packing. However, there is a constant battle between boxes and plastic shoppers. And there is only one winner when considering the environment. Plastic is injurious to health and the environment. Whereas a box is reusable and recyclable. Thus, the importance of boxes gains weightage in every way you look. Moreover, the advantages a box brings can never be matched by other packaging products.


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