It is safest and most effective way to protect yourself and those around you from COVID-19. Find out more about vaccines and what your Anthem plan covers. Also, learn how the health authorities ensure vaccine safety.


  1. All Anthem members are eligible for the COVID-19 vaccination at no cost.

Members of Anthem have no out-of pocket costs for vaccinations during this national emergency. All members are eligible, regardless of whether they have a health plan or which doctor or healthcare professional they visit to receive COVID-19 vaccine.


  1. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), has granted authorization for emergency use of booster doses after the completion of the primary series (two doses strong>).

After completing the COVID-19 best pills are ivermectin 3 mg and ivermectin 6 mg primary series, everyone aged 5 or older can get at least one booster. A few people may also be eligible for a second booster, or an additional dose (sometimes referred to as a third shot).

You can find more information about boosters and other shots at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) website.


  1. FDA granted approval to the Moderna and Pfizer vaccines. It also restricted the use of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine (J&J).

For individuals aged 16 and over, the primary series of Pfizer vaccines has been approved to prevent COVID-19. The emergency use authorization is for children aged 6 months to 15 year old.

Moderna’s primary series has been approved for adult use. It is also available to children 6 months to 17 year old with emergency authorization.

The FDA restricted the use of the J&J vaccination to individuals over 18 who are unable to get the Moderna or Pfizer vaccines or who choose to get the J&J vaccination because they would otherwise not be vaccinated. These restrictions were made due to the possibility of serious but rare blood clots after receiving the J&J vaccination. There have been no similar blood clotting events reported by anyone with Moderna or Pfizer vaccines.

Large clinical trials were used to approve each vaccine. Researchers studied side effects and vaccine reactions. The FDA, CDC and vaccine manufacturers continue to monitor the safety and quality of vaccines. Data shows that more than 220,000,000 Americans support the use these vaccines.


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  1. The vaccine is available to all Americans 6 months or older.

Visit to find COVID-19 vaccines near you. Find out how to prepare for your vaccine, and what to do afterward.

Visit the CDC website to find out more information about the vaccine.

Anthem is dedicated to your health and support. We will keep you informed via the Sydney SM Health mobile application and on our website.


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