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Have you worked out how to market a YouTube video promotion that’s only a few minutes long? Great!

If you need some ideas or examples to get you started, consider the following suggestions and examples:


Sharing tips and tricks is a wonderful way to boost online engagement, and doing it in a short video is even better. That’s because short bursts of information are a pleasant departure from long-form videos that never seem to stop. See how 5-Minute Crafts, with its Shorts like this one, dominating the realm of tips and tricks.

2.Start a challenge or join one already in progress

Talk about a format that both the author and the audience appreciate. The YouTube Shorts are just what you’re looking for. You must transform your channel into a beehive of engaging material.

3.Get the facts

Use shorts to communicate lesser-known facts with the rest of the world instead of the industry professionals’ preferred traditional Did You Know videos.

The following is an example from Luke Davidson Facts:

4.Shows and demonstrations

Industry professionals prefer tutorials, especially those who want to stay in their clients’ minds. SeanDoesMagic has a fantastic explanation explaining why this artist is so skilled.

5.Dispelling Myths

Do you want to disprove a myth about your company or brand in particular? Create a short documentary on it. Establishing yourself as an industry expert while also generating a unique viral YouTube music video can help you establish yourself as an industry expert. See how PJFPerformance debunks a myth in this video.

6.Have a good time

Isn’t it true that all YouTube Shorts promotions should be entertaining? No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no Some of these might just be for educational purposes. This is the best concept you can come up with if you want to make your channel all about having fun. This notion, as demonstrated by Buttered Side Down, is always a hit when you’ve tried everything and are stuck in a rut.


You want to discuss a difficult topic, but you’re worried that others may misunderstand you? Have a hilarious anecdote to share with your audience? Combine narrative with shorts to express your point in a subtle but engaging way. Similarly to what iAmJordi performs in this video.

8.Experiment with new stuff

Whether it’s a science activity, a spectacular magic trick, or a random experiment, Shorts is the perfect place for you to perform and share your experiments online.The Unique Daily Short, which follows, is a great example of this.

9.Comparisons of videos

Comparison videos, on the other hand, do not require any prior knowledge. You may produce incredible comparison videos using Shorts, ranging from “Then” and “Now” through “Before” and “After.”If you want to go above and beyond the standard, try making something like this one from The Fitness Marshall.

10.Adopt a fad

You can always make a Short about a trend and see how many views it receives, like Vogue did with this, if you want to get a taste of it.


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