Smoke Fire Alarm Sensor

Precautions of Smoke Sensor Detector

Smoke detector hanging from ceiling adopts a LED light to monitor smoke, responsive to smoldering fire and slow-burning. According to statistics, in 2020, a total of 252,000 fires were...
Smoke Detector Ceiling

Is Your Smoke Fire Detector Working Properly?

Smoke fire detector senses smoke as an indicator of fire. It is installed in every level of houses, including basements. Winter is dry, which is the most fire-prone season...
smoke carbon monoxide alarm

Smoke Monitor Detector

Type No: B Size: 90*90*43mm Voltage: DC9V Alarm: sound-light Sensor: infrared photoelectric sensor Applicable area: 30m² Sensor time: 2 seconds Installing location: ceiling Battery life: 2 years Battery:...

Alert Smoke Alarm Carbon Monoxide

Type No: A Size: 90*90*43mm Voltage: DC9V Alarm: sound-light Sensor: infrared photoelectric sensor Applicable area: 30m² Sensor time: 3 seconds Installing location: ceiling Battery life: 1 years Battery:...

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Steel Fabrication

Learning More About Steel Fabrication

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