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Convert YouTube To MP4 With This Simple Chrome Extension. If you have a lot of videos and wants to convert youtube to mp4 for easier storage or sharing, you can use this simple Chrome extension. Once installed, select a YouTube video to start converting it. You can choose to keep the same quality or (if you have a fast internet connection) choose to convert the video to a higher quality. Once the conversion is complete, you can download the MP4 file from your Chrome browser!

What is the Convert YouTube To MP4 Chrome Extension?

When you’re looking for a way to convert youtube to mp4 on the go, consider using the convert youtube to mp4 Chrome Extension. This extension is available as a free download from the Chrome Web Store and is simple to use.

When you install the extension, it will immediately convert any YouTube video you load into your browser. The process is quick and easy, and you can keep track of the conversion status while watching your video. If you have questions or problems with the conversion process, click on the “Convert Now” button.

The Convert YouTube To MP4 Chrome Extension is a great tool if you need to convert many YouTube videos quickly. It’s free to use and doesn’t require special permissions or privileges. So whether you need to convert old videos stored on your computer or new videos you’ve just captured, the Convert YouTube To MP4 Chrome Extension is perfect for you!
To learn more about the Convert YouTube To MP4 Chrome Extension, visit the Chrome Web Store page for this extension.

How Does The Convert YouTube To MP4 Chrome Extension Work?

YouTube to MP4 Chrome Extension

Looking to convert YouTube videos to MP with this simple Chrome extension? The Convert YouTube To MP4 Chrome Extension is the perfect way to do that! Just install the extension and paste any video URL into the window that pops up. From there, you can choose which conversion options you want. The options include:

Convert quality:

This option will adjust the video quality depending on your capacity and internet connection. The higher the quality, the more data usage it will take.

Convert duration:

This option will adjust the length of the video as well. If you want a shorter or longer version, select this option.

Convert audio:

If you want to keep the audio in the video, select this option. Otherwise, it will be converted to MP3 and added to the end of the video.

Create MP4:

If you want to create a new MP4 file from the video, select this option.

Download MP4:

If you just want the MP4 file without any conversion, select this option.
Once you’ve selected your conversion options, just hit the “Convert” button. The extension will convert the video and add it to your current webpage. You can save the MP4 file to your computer or open it in a YouTube-compatible video player.


Like most people, you enjoy watching videos on YouTube, but sometimes you want to watch them offline or on a bigger screen. If that’s the case, converting YouTube videos to MP4 is the perfect solution. Numerous converters are available online, but one of the simplest and easiest is Chrome’s built-in converter. Just download the extension, paste a video URL into its box, and click Convert. The resulting MP4 file will be saved in your Downloads folder.
If you want to convert many videos quickly, investing in a dedicated YouTube to MP4 converter might be a better option. However, Chrome’s converter is still a good option if you want to simultaneously do one or two videos.



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