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Facebook ad mockup of an ad shows how a Facebook advertisement would appear visually. It allows advertisers to view and test their ads before they run them since it’s essentially a copy of the promotion with the exact format.

Mockups can be created using various tools and software, such as Photoshop and Canva. Advertisers can try out different designs, images, and copy with mockups to test how their advertisements will appear across other platforms.

While they provide an exact idea of how an advertisement will appear on Facebook’s platforms, they may be used to show pictures for ads to clients or other parties. A mockup is used by advertisers to enhance the creation of their ads and to optimize their campaigns to achieve the most significant effect.

Types Of Ad Mockups

To observe their campaigns live, advertisers can create various mockup ads. Here are a few of the most well-known Facebook ad mockup:

  • Picture Ads

The ads comprise just an image and a small amount of text. Advertisers can create paintings in a range of sizes. A simple image ad that has the dimensions of 1200 x 628 pixels.

  • Ads and videos

Another popular ad format that is viewed that is popular on Facebook can be video ads. Marketers can create mockups to test how their videos will be displayed in places like the News Feed on Facebook.

  • Carousel advertisements

Advertisers can display multiple images or videos in one advertisement using carousels. Advertisers can see how each card on the carousel looks and how users will react to the ad by making an illustration.

  • Advertising for Collection

Only accessible for mobile devices, collections ads blend catalogs of products with images or videos. Advertisers can use mockups to visualize how their collection ads will look on mobile devices and how users react to the advert.

  • Advertising that is immediate and instantaneous

Full-screen advertisements, also known as Instant Experience adverts (formerly Canvas ads), offer users an enjoyable, interactive experience. Mockups enable advertisers to visualize how they want their Instant Experience advertisement will look to users.

  • Advertised Messages

The ads that appear on Facebook Messenger are known as sponsored messages. Companies can make mockups to determine how the sponsored message will appear in the Messenger message.

The goal of the Facebook ad mockup is to aid advertisers in creating effective advertising campaigns by visually modeling how their advertisements will appear to Facebook users. Facebook network.

How to Make Facebook Ads

A Facebook ad mockup can be constructed using various methods using your tools, resources, and available tools. The most common steps you can take to create an advertisement mockup are like this:

Select an ad type. You can choose if you’d like to create a mockup of an image, video, or carousel ad on Facebook.

  • Pick a program for mockups.

You can make a Facebook ad using various online tools, such as Canva, Adobe Photoshop, and Facebook Ads Manager. Choose an agency that best matches your requirements and degree of proficiency.

  • Select the specifications of the advertisement.

You must select the correct specifications for your advertisement mockup, as Facebook has specific rules for the dimensions of advertisements and the types of files.

  • Make the advertisement.

Make the advertisement using the mockup tool, which includes images or video, text, and any other design elements. Additionally, you can play with other ad spots and preview the advertisement on different devices.

  • Take a look at a sample advertisement.

When the mockup is completed, please review it to determine how it appears and make adjustments. You can also give the mockup to other people for their feedback or approval.

  • Download the mockup

Save the mockup of your ad in a PNG or JPG file when you’re pleased with it. You can then make use of it for presentations or ad campaigns.

To ensure your messages are effectively communicated and that your intended viewers see the advertisement, making a Facebook ad mockup of your ad requires imagination, technical proficiency, and concentration on the details.

The Greatest Facebook Ad Creator Tool

Various applications are readily available for creating mockups for ads, each with distinctive capabilities and advantages. Here are some commonly used tools to consider:

  • Canva

Canva is a program for designing graphics that offers templates and other design components to make Facebook ad look professional. Even the most novice users can find it easy to use, and plenty of customization options exist.

Adobe Photoshop is an effective image editing program that produces professional-looking Facebook ad mockup. It’s a top-quality tool that has advanced design capabilities. However, it requires technical expertise.

Facebook Ads Manager Facebook Ads Manager can create and view mockups of ads within the forum on Facebook’s Ads Manager system. It is a good option if you manage your ads using Ads Manager.

  • AdEspresso

AdEspresso is a Facebook ad mockup tool. It offers options for designing and optimizing ads and creating mockups of ads. You can test your ad mockups on various locations and devices, providing many tweaking opportunities.

  • Smartmockups

A Facebook ad is constructed with the online mockup maker Smartmockups with various styles, including photo ads, video ads, carousel advertisements, and many more. It allows you to quickly create high-quality mockups due to the wide range of designs and options for customization that it offers.

Your requirements and degree of experience will determine the best tool to create Facebook advertisements. When choosing the software that best fits you, you should consider aspects such as pricing options, customization possibilities, and ease of use.

The expense of the Mockup Advertising Generator Tool

Each Facebook ad mockup for social media is part of Mediamodifier PRO membership. Mediamodifier Pro membership. However, you can add your content to test it out and preview the mockup free of charge. The final full-size downloads, however, can only be downloaded by PRO members.

Size Of A Picture For Facebook Ad

By 2022, 1080/1080 for mobile devices and 1200/628 for desktops will be the most optimal Facebook size for ads. To determine the best dimensions for your Facebook post, check out our complete size tutorial for Facebook and other social platforms. The size of posts on Facebook.

The Wrapping Up

For Facebook ads to succeed, Facebook ad mockup are vital. Advertisers can experiment with different ads and tweak their campaigns to maximize the effect by imagining how the advertisement will look in the desired format.

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