invoicing software in India
invoicing software in India

Electronic invoicing or e-invoicing is the creation and distribution of invoices between providers and customers in a digital format. This form of billing is the newer version of the Electronic Data Exchange (EDI) systems which were bulky and had limited functionality. In recent times, e-invoicing has made considerable progress and has eliminated most of the drawbacks of EDI. Invoicing Software has made it possible for even laypeople to understand the inner mechanics of different transactions. GST invoicing software helps generate GST-compatible invoices. Most invoicing software in India provide easy automated solutions to all your needs. In this article, we will discuss how e-invoicing can benefit your business.

Benefits of E-Invoicing for Your Business

Some of the benefits of e-invoicing for increasing the efficiency of your business:


In e-invoicing, all the middle steps of printing, scanning, posting, and so on are eliminated. The invoices are generated using electronic methods and shared via electronic media as well. As this process eliminates all these unnecessary processes, you save a lot of time, money, and effort. In addition to saving on printers, you can also save money on postal accessories and charges. Moreover, as there is no processing time between invoice generation and distribution, you save a lot of time as well.

Eliminates Mistakes

Human entries are bound to have mistakes. Moreover, you have to hire multiple people to keep track of transactions and generate invoices. This is not a cost-effective method of doing business. Instead, using invoice software will reduce manual labour dramatically. It further reduces human error while making entries. You can submit PDF invoices to your customers. These invoices are easy to create, and anyone can learn how to make these invoices easily.


We are aware of the environmental damage caused due to the rampant cutting down of trees. When you use invoicing software, the use of paper is eliminated. Consequently, fewer trees are cut down. Though you might feel this is a minor issue, think of all the paper saved by people adopting the e-invoicing method.

Improved Cash Flow

E-invoicing supports faster payments. You can send and receive e-invoices faster than paper invoices. Your customers may also pay on time as payment is made only by a series of clicks. Many business owners offer special discounts to the customers if the bill is paid on time or earlier.

Way Matching

When a business receives invoices, the details mentioned on a particular invoice are verified through a 3-way match with the delivery challan and purchase order. Invoice software does this process within a few seconds, thus eliminating the need to search through cabinets of files for the required document.

GST Compatibility

Most invoicing software in India is GST-compatible. Such GST invoicing software helps you generate accurate invoices with GST and other taxes so that you do not have to add them later or do complex calculations. E-invoicing software can help your business achieve complete transparency, which is vital in any financial dealing. It also helps in accurate invoice generation, late-payment reminders, etc. In other words, e-invoicing software is a must for the success of your business.


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