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Hope that our last blog about the top architects in India has tweaked your interest. Architects and Architecture are considered to be the greatest blending of technology and art every era.

Architecture is also the indicator of humanity’s creativity, from the time of decorating houses with twigs and branches to creating designs and colors with wild and natural materials today, architecture offers amazing designs that transcend the limits of metal and concrete.

*the numbers below are only to serve as a reference point and are not in any way relate to the ranking of the architects.

The Best Architects in the World are

  1. Frank Gehry
  2. Antoni Gaudi
  3. Le Corbusier
  4. Louis Kahn
  5. Frank Lloyd Wright
  6. Santiago Calatrava
  7. Steven Holl
  8. Ceasar Pelli
  9. Tadao Ando
  10. Thom Mayne
  11. Zaha Hadid
  12. Philip Johnson
  13. Norman Foster
  14. Rafael Moneo
  15. Jeanne Gang
  16. Daniel Burnham
  17. B V Doshi

Frank Gehry

Frank Gehry is seen as one of the greatest modern architects and an innovator in contemporary architecture. His numerous structures across the world are considered masterpieces and show his creativity as a creator par excellence. His work incorporates modernism, deconstructivism, and he also included the “funk” cultural movement.

Major Works

  • El Peix
  • Gehry Towers
  • Dancing House
  • Museum of Pop Art. Museum of Pop Art

Antoni Gaudi

Antoni Gaudi was synonymous with the amazing Catalan Modernism. He was deeply influenced by the natural world and religious beliefs, the tenets of which can be found in almost all of his art. Seven of his paintings are classified in the list of World Heritage Sites by UNESCO.

Major Works

  • Casa Mila
  • Park Guello
  • Casa Batllo
  • Nativity display

Le Corbusier

Le Corbusier was a highly influential and , at the same time, a controversial figure. He was one of the most prominent name in urban planning. He was also was the creator of CIAM( Congres Internationaux architecture moderne). He had worked across Europe and has also constructed buildings in India.

Major Works

  • Maison Blanche
  • Villa La Roche-Jeanneret
  • Villa Savoye
  • UN Headquarters

Louis Kahn

Popular for his Monumental and Monolithic work, Louis Kahn is considered as one of the top architects of his time. He was a member of the American Institute of Architects and has won an AIA Gold Medal as well.

Major Works

  • Salk Institute
  • Arts United Centre
  • Hurva Synagogue
  • IIM Ahmedabad

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Frank Lloyd Wright

Frank Lloyd Wright is perhaps one of the most famous architects of the modern era. His philosophy of architecture was described by Wright”organic” architecture. In his work ” Falling Water” is described as the most important piece in American Architecture. He was an apprentice to famous architects such as Louis Sullivan, who is considered to be the founder of skyscrapers as well as modernism. Also, he was a student of Joseph Lyman Silsbee. A portion of his work has been declared world heritage places by UNESCO.

Major Works

  • Falling Water
  • Unity Temple
  • Imperial Hotel, Tokyo
  • Park Inn Hotel

Santiago Calatrava

Santiago Calatrava is one of the most famous architects in the world. His designs are often like living organisms , and are usually recognized by bridges that are supported by single-leaning pylons. He is also considered to be the best living architects in the world.

Major Works

  • Turning Torso
  • Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge
  • City of Arts and Sciences
  • Palau de les Arts Reina Sofia

Steven Holl

Steven Holl is one of the most renowned American born architects around the globe. Inspired by the philosopher of architecture Juhani Uolevi Pallasmaa and Maurice Jean-Jacques MerleauPonty, Holl has designed outstanding work all over the world. His designs are structured on the concept of phenomenology.

Major Works

  • 2019 REACH expansion of the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts
  • Linked Hybrid Beijing
  • Turbulence House
  • Architecture & Landscape Architecture Library, University of Minnesota

Ceasar Pelli

Ceasar Pelli is known for creating some of the most impressive towers in the world. An enormous name in modern architecture, he has frequently created stunning structures that are in with the trends of today’s world. He was also awarded with the AIA Gold Medal.

Major Works

  • Petronas Towers
  • World Financial Centre
  • Salesforce Tower
  • Transbay Transit Centre
  • Landmark Tower

Tadao Ando

Tadao Ando is possibly one of the most famous self-taught architects of the world. Born in Japan Ando is influenced by the ingenuity and elegance and simplicity of “Haiku” poetry. His architectural style was classified in the category of Critical Regionalism by Francesco Dal Co. He was also the winner of the prestigious Pritzker Prize and AIA Gold Medal.

Major Works

  • Church of Light
  • Row House ( Azuma House)
  • Langen Foundation

Thom Mayne

Reputed by his Unconventional as well as Bold Architectural wonders, Thom Mayne is thought of as one of the best architects of the world. He is also among the pioneers of Morphosis.

Major Works

  • Caltrans HQ
  • University of Toronto
  • Wayne L Morse Court House, USA

Zaha Hadid

Dame Zaha Hadid was a British Iraqi Architect who was well-known for her bold designs in architecture. She is considered to be a pivotal architect of modern times. Highly influenced from Russian Avante Garde as well as Suprematism, Zaha Hadid went on to create many modern marvels. She was also the first woman to win Pritzker Architecture Prize and had also won a Stirling Prize.

Major Works

  • Bridge Pavillion
  • Heyder Aliavev Centre
  • Daxing International Airport

Philip Johnson

One of the main advocates of postmodern and modern Architecture, Philip Johnson is known for his work on the most impressive architectural masterpieces in the present day. He received the very first Pritzker Prize and has also been awarded the AIA Gold Medal.

Major Works

  • The Glass House
  • IDS Centre
  • Thanksgiving Square
  • Crystal Cathedral
  • Lipstick Building

Norman Foster

A pivotal figure in modern British Architecture, Norman Foster is regarded as one of the top architects around the globe. He is often associated with High Tech architecture, his innovative use of steel and glass has produced a number of amazing modern architecture marvels. The famous Apple Park is one of his major works

Major Works

  1. Crystal Tower
  2. HSBC Building Hong Kong
  3. Apple Park
  4. Heart Tower
  5. Wembley Stadium

Rafael Moneo

Rafael Moneo is one of the most famous Spanish Architects ever and has produced some of the finest architectural masterpieces that we have seen in our modern times. Moneo is famous for his ability to combine aesthetics and functionality.

Major Works

  • Valladolid Science Museum
  • Cathedral of our Lady of Angels
  • National Museum of Roman Arts

Jeanne Gang

Jeanne Gang is one of the most well-known female architects in the world and her masterpieces St Regis and Aqua is regarded as the tallest female constructed buildings anywhere in the world.

Major Works

  • St Regis Chicago
  • 40 Tenth Avenue
  • MIRA
  • One Hundred Above the Park
  • Aqua Tower

Daniel Burnham

Daniel Burnham was one of the most famous architects in the world. He was one of the main figures of the Beaux Arts Movement and was the director of Works for the World’s Columbian Exposition. He was also a fantastic city planner who had designed central areas of Washington DC and plan of Chicago

Major Works

  • Union Station
  • Flatiron Building
  • Fisher Building

B V Doshi

BV Doshi is probably the most famous Indian born architect around the globe. He worked with his mentors Le Corbusier in addition to Louis Kahn. His works are considered greatly influential and have won two prizes: the Padma Shri and Pritzker Prize.

Major Works

  • Tagore Memorial Hall
  • IIM Bangalore

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